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AI-Powered Pen Testing Solution

Pentoma helps you learn your web app and server security vulnerabilities through ever-evolving remote hacking attacks.


Pentoma is an AI-powered penetration testing solution to identify holes in your web application security before hackers do, helping prevent any potential security damages. Pentoma analyzes every web-based app and server including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and more to find known and unknown security risks including:

  • SQL Injection

    It can steal, modify, or delete sensitive data, as well as getting into the server by injecting malicious SQL queries.

  • Remote File Inclusion

    It exploits "dynamic file include" mechanisms, which can execute malicious code on the server or clients.

  • Local File Inclusion

    It manipulates local files on the path to gain sensitive information and execute malicious commands.

  • Unvalidated Redirects and Forwards

    It redirects users to untrusted sources for phishing and stealing user information.

  • Cross-Site Scripting

    Injects malicious scripts to steal browser information, admin access, and sensitive credentials by disguising as trusted sources.

  • Unknown Security Risks

    Numerous zero-day and one-day security vulnerabilities are exploited to cause severe damages.

Red Team Service On Demand

Application security holes can cause significant damages to your business. And, hiring security experts for testing is complicated and costly. With Pentoma’s remote automated pen testing technology — it's now accessible and affordable. Pentoma actively finds security vulnerabilities and provides detailed analysis. Think of Pentoma as your private red team on duty 24/7, finding security risks to help prevent damages in advance.

How It Works

Pen testing made easy.

  • Input

    Input URLs of your web APIs or applications, and verify ownership.

  • Conduct

    Conduct sophisticated pen testing via Pentoma’s ever-evolving technology.

  • Download

    Receive your in-depth security reports.

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Founded by the five-time DEFCON finalists, SEWORKS is a seasoned team of white hat hackers and security experts. The team provides both offensive and defensive app security services with Pentoma and AppSolid, a cloud-based mobile app security solution. SEWORKS is backed by Softbank Ventures, Qualcomm Ventures, Samsung Ventures and more.